Hey there, I’m Charlotte Dann, a web and jewellery designer from London. Welcome to Pour Être Belle.

Please note - this is not the place for questions about themes, please go to my theme site and read the faq. Unless I direct you please refrain from asking them here.

Please check the FAQ before asking a question


What theme are you using right now?
A special theme just for this blog that I won’t be releasing publicly. If you tell me ^^ what you like about it though I may make something similar.

How do you name your themes?
I stole from the Queen

What are you making next?
Right now I’m working on a major redesign of my theme site with a whole new roster of themes, it will be launched by Christmas.

Do you do custom theme commissions?
In general yes, but it’s dependant on my schedule and your requirements and budget, send me a message.

How do you stop people from sharing your premium themes?
I have an encoded appearance option in each theme copy that gets matched to your username so it’ll only work on one. If they don’t match the theme will throw a fit.

What resources would you suggest for someone just starting with themeing/web design?
For html, css and javascript I would recommend taking a few courses on Treehouse, and googleing a lot. For tumblr specific things the theme docs have all the answers but if you really get stuck with something try the tumblr themes group.


How did you learn to make jewellery?
I learned some basic techniques in my art foundation but mostly through my BA in Jewellery Design and Silversmithing at The Cass.

Can I stock it in my store?
>Email me at ask@pouretrebelle.com

What does Pentatope mean?
A pentatope is the siplest four dimentional figure comprised of five points with each attaching to the other four. The name appeals to my interest in mathematics and the intangible.


Who are you and what are you doing with your life?
I am 21, I was born in Buckinghamshire but had a stint in Bath and now reside in London. I was 2 years into my Jewellery Design degree when I decided to take a year out and work on my tumblr theme site full time for a little while. Next year I’m going to finish my BA and embrace the creative life.

How would you descibe yourself?
A library of contradictions; an apathetic achiever, a scientific artist, a ‘mathematician’ who likes reading (shock horror).

Hobbies / Interests?
Web and jewellery design both feel like hobbies and not vocations at the moment. I enjoy reading widely, and watch Formula One obsessively. My deepest obsessions lie in Harry Potter, Tolkien’s Legendarium and Earl Grey tea.

Can I have your email?
Yeah! Here. If you want to offer me a job or send me money that’s cool too.

Can I have your facebook?
No, sorry, I’m only on fb with people I know in real life but if I follow you and we’ve spoken you can add me, Charlotte Dann, we’ll probably have a mutual internet friend.


What’s you icon?
It’s the eye of my friend from this picture.

When did you start on tumblr?
I started posing regularly September 2009 but got the account in March of that year (?)

Will you promote me?

How many followers do you have?
Over 40 thousand.

How do I make a successful tumblr?
Post stuff that you like, preferably things other people haven’t already seen. Talk about your interests, be informative and original and talk to people that have similar interests. You should also have a clear theme that helps present your content rather than hinder it (here’s a hint, if it looks better on your dash than on your theme change your theme (to one of mine)), also no autoplay music. Nobody likes that.

updated 16/10/2014