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This is not the place for questions about themes, please go to my theme site and read the faq. Unless I direct you please refrain from asking them here.

Please check the FAQ before asking a question


What theme are you using right now?
It’s kind of a mash up of a few of my themes made just for me so I probably won’t release it. If you tell me ^^ what you like about it I may make something similar.

How do you name your themes?
I stole from the Queen

What are you making next?
That info will always be here.

Do you do custom theme commissions?
In general yes, but it’s dependant on my schedule and your requirements and budget, send me a message.

How do you stop people from sharing your premium themes?
I have an encoded appearance option in each theme copy that gets matched to your username so it’ll only work on one. If they don’t match the theme will throw a fit.

How do I do something similar? I want to start selling premium themes
1) Don’t. It’s not worth it, For every thousand theme downloads on my site I make about £5 and it’s unlikely you’ll have enough purchases for a real income.
2) You need a rebust database and knowledge on server-side scripting, it takes ages to set up and I will not guide you through that.
3) The chances are if you can’t build a site in php or asp or similar your themes won’t be good enough for people to want to pay money for them.

What resources would you suggest for someone just starting with themeing/web design?
For html and css w3schools is really great, and for more specific scripting questions I just scour google and sometimes stackoverflow. For tumblr specific things the theme docs have all the answers but if you really get stuck with something try the tumblr themes group.


How did you learn to make jewellery?
Basic techniques from my art foundation, after that just youtube and trial and error.

Can I stock it in my store?
I’m a bit too overwhelmed for that yet. Please contact me here.

Why is your collection called Pentatope and what is that?
When coming up with a name I had a whole list of options and went through them with my mum :3 they were all pretty poor and she gave me the advise to have it relate to something I’m passionate about. A pentatope is the siplest four dimentional figure comprised of five points with each attaching to the other four. It had a ring to it and is actually a really interesting concept for somebody with only a mild grounding in further mathematics. Since it’s 4D it cannot be drawn but the animation on the site is probably the closest you’ll get to understanding it visually.


Who are you and what are you doing with your life?
19, last year I did a foundation degree at Saint Martins and in September I’m starting a Jewellery and Silversmithing course at London Metropolitan. When I’m grown up my dream is to own a jewellery boutique and workshop in Le Marais, I’ll design and build the shop interior, the website, the packaging and of course the jewellery. (and I’ll also have a gorgeous husband and a loft appartment overlooking the Tuileries with loads of old letterpress equipment)

How would you descibe yourself?
Obsessive dork. I love knowledge and making things and on more than one ocassion have been descibed as ‘likes her own company’ even though I like organising events and don’t mind people too much. A library of contradictions; an apathetic achiever, a mathematician who likes reading (shock horror). Apparently I like talking about myself.

Hobbies / Interests?
Web design, obviously. I dabble in photography but recently haven’t done much of that, it’s the city living getting me down. I love Formula 1 which results in some painfully early Sunday morning wake-ups (I support Button > Hamilton > Di Resta > Schumacher). I like literature but have hundered of books to read until I’ll feel even a bit knowledgeable on the subject, reading lots of classics at the moment but I think fantasy and science fiction are my favourite genres. I make chainmaille jewellery, and silversmithing is now my vocation. However my deepest obsessions lie in Harry Potter, Tolkien’s Legendarium and Earl Grey tea.

What are you reading?
Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and I’m just starting Rules Of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis Boom done, now reading the Gormenghast Trilogy. I’ve got to get started on Middlemarch for my book club though whoop.

Can I have your email?
Yeah! Here. If you want to offer me a job or send me money that’s cool too.

Can I have your facebook?
No, sorry, I’m only on fb with people I know in real life but if I follow you and we’ve spoken you can add me, Charlotte Dann, we’ll probably have a mutual internet friend.

(Who do you ship?)
Drarry, Klaine, Nemily, Merpin, Arwengorn (deliberately mashing names together, if you don’t understand just scroll on)


What’s you icon?
It’s the eye of my friend from this picture. A while ago it was a pinhole photo of these paper cranes, before that I don’t remember.

When did you start on tumblr?
I started posing regularly September 2009 but got the account in March of that year (?)

Will you promote me?

How many people do you follow?
584 as of 17rd August 2012.

How many followers do you have?
43k but I’m a total has-been (as in that number is perpetually sinking). I’m not shy about it I just know some people get annoyed when people ask questions about it. Having lots of followers is cool because I have a stream to get information to a wider audience but that’s not to say everyone likes it or I deserve it or I’m going to abuse that power.

How do I make a sucessful tumblr?
Post stuff that you like, preferably things other people haven’t already seen. Talk about your interests, be informative and original and talk to people that have similar interests. You should also have a clear theme that helps present your content rather than hinder it (here’s a hint, if it looks better on your dash than on your theme change your theme (to one of mine)), also no autoplay music. Nobody likes that.

Who would you recommend?
The ones with the colours are the best.

updated 17/08/2012