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University Of The Arts London gets rebranded in Helvetica from it’s pretty old star-map logo (each asterisk represented where each college was on a map of London, it was actually quite cool) and I wanted to say my two cents about this new identity. It’s boring. I admit it needed to be a bit cleaner but how does this identity show any kind of passion or character? I wouldn’t want to study at a University that chooses a font because of its ‘neutrality’. They encourage you to take risks and work on instinct.. none of that is coming through, just like the new KX builidng it’s bland and corporate.

Since I was 11 I wanted to study at Central Saint Martins and this last year I have done so. I didn’t get into my degree course so am going to London Met next year (certainly a blessing in disguise, the Met course is actually better) and I’ve come to realise over the past couple of months that as much as I wanted to suit CSM life, I just didn’t. It’s surprisingly conformist, and this new branding has only strenthened my resolve that UAL cares more about its austere reputation than its students.

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  5. sassyunicorn said: was that the pentagram rebranding? to be honest i’m quite glad i chose LCC over CSM, it’s completely different.
  6. believing-in-magic said: this is really interesting. i start at LCF in september and i often wonder if it’ll live up to my expectations. i agree, this logo does a poor job at representing the universities as a creative and exciting environment to learn in.
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