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some links to stuff of mine which I want to share:

impluses: an inspo dumping ground for posts I like. (if you’re an art student it’s so handy; make one)
yes, nefarious: my blogspot which is getting more personal as time goes on but it’s actually rather creative and I’m so proud of it. plus I just got the domain
twatter: I wish people would reply to my tweets :(
fieldnotebooks: blog for notebook scans because I’m not a total infomaniac of course
codepen: (if you happen to care about coding) codepen is the most awesome place for reduced test cases and just messing about with sass loops and how far you can go with gradients and box shadows. I also have a tumblr to showcase my pens
also surfaces: for scans of my jewellery sketchbook (yes it’s weird shit right now, we’re still in that beginning-of-the-year drawing skills slump)