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As promised, here is the devilish theme aptly named moordoor.
Customisable centre title and byline
Pages and links visible on slideup menu located in bottom-left
Custom colours
Photo and Video captions only visible on Permalink page
Album art next to audio
Post info and notes on Permalink page
DO YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND HOW AMAZING YOU ALL ARE?!?!?!?1) in the last ten minutes it went from 1232 to 1237 and then I asked and you helped and aww <32) I’ve been waiting for this since 10003) I agree with the whole ‘however many followers you have it doesn’t matter’ thing, but this was just a milestone I wanted to reach and I wanted to say just how much I appreciate you all. Thank you!


You guys are the most amazing bunch of people in the entire world. I cannot describe your awesomeness. Thank you so much for persevering with me (especially during the last few minutes getting it to say 2500 posts). I’m so ecstatic right now XD this is such an achievement :) :) :)
special thanks have to go to #1000 lizbethb4dishonor whom I shall now be following forever (even though I think it was because I whored myself out to we heart it after 997 so I can get to sleep at some point)
It’s such a blessing to be a part of a community like tumblr :D