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What are you doing for the holidays?

Well I’m currently sitting around my kitchen table with my brother Anthony and my mum, her friend Gill and her son Luke, who went to school with my bro. It’s a bit weird because this year it’s not just the three of us on Christmas day, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same. We wake up and open the presents with Champagne and smoked salmon, and I occupy myself until dinner is served at 4ish, my favourite part of the day, then charades and movies. On Boxing day we’re having a party in the evening, the following couple of days I’m having a Harry Potter Marathon with my friends, on New Years Eve I’m going out in Bath, New Years day driving down to Bucks in my bro’s car, the day after having a big extended family meal in London and on the 3rd I’m back at uni!

It’s going to be a pretty homely Christmas and likely to be the last in this house :’(

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